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Hair and Makeup

We take pride in offering professional and personalized hair and makeup services to our valued clients.

Your Personal Belgrade Guide 24/7

Explore the wonders of this captivating city with a personal travel guide at your fingertips!


Photo and Video

Elevate your experience by booking a team of top-notch professional photographers and videographers.

blonde hair


We take pride in offering professional and personalized hair and makeup services to our

valued clients.

Our team of skilled and experienced artists is dedicated to enhancing your natural beauty

and creating stunning looks for any occasion.

Experience the magic of professional hair and makeup at the event, where we will bring out your inner beauty and elevate your appearance to new heights. Be prepared to turn heads and steal the spotlight with our expert touch. 


Discover the enchanting city of Belgrade like a local with our exclusive service. We're here to make your stay in this captivating city unforgettable. 


PERSONAL ASSISTANCE: Have a local expert at your fingertips to assist you with any questions or requests you may have during your stay.

RESTAURANT RESERVATIONS: Let us book the finest restaurants in town, ensuring you savor the local cuisine without the hassle of waiting in lines.

EFFORTLESS TRANSPORTATION: Need a taxi or transportation around the city? We've got you covered. We'll arrange comfortable and reliable transportation at your convenience.

CITY GUIDEBOOK: Receive your personal guidebook featuring the must-visit places, top cultural attractions, and insider recommendations to make your stay truly memorable.

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Hair and Makeup
Guide 24/7
Phoo and Video
Classic Camera


Seize the opportunity & capture your stunning dance!

It is our great pleasure to offer you the services of professional photography and recording for your dance performances.


At Photo Studio Still, dance events are exclusively covered.

The team, primarily composed of former and current ballroom dancers with extensive experience in filming, photography, and dancing itself, ensures that every move is captured at the perfect moment.



Thanks to theirs state-of-the-art photo selection, your photos are ready in less than a minute after the show.



A team of four talented videographers will record your every move from multiple angles, delivering edited videos in vertical format to create stunning video reels in the shortest possible time.


Their work can be viewed on our Instagram page @photostudiostill.

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